What are the human resources jobs?

Quels sont les métiers des ressources humaines ?

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If you are looking to work in the human resources industry, you may not be aware of the overwhelming number of jobs in this sector.

Human Resources Manager

This is a position in which one is responsible for the development of the personnel management strategy. It is often a position that requires high qualifications.

HR Development Manager

When a recruitment policy is put in place in the company, the HR development manager is responsible for implementing it. The objective is simple: to ensure the best possible recruitment.

Personnel manager

The position of personnel manager is the one who will guarantee the good working conditions in the company but also ensure the good management of the whole administrative part.

Human resources assistant

Primarily administrative in nature, the Human Resources Assistant also serves as a liaison between the department’s management and the company’s employees.

Human resources personel manager

This position allows you to monitor the company’s entire workforce, as well as the training to be implemented. In small companies, it can also have a role in payroll, internal communication or team management.

Diversity and disability officer

As the job title indicates, the Diversity and Disability Manager is responsible for ensuring non-discrimination and diversity within the company.

Internal communication manager

The role of the internal communications manager is to create a link between employees and management. For example, he or she is responsible for transmitting the company’s values to as many people as possible.

CSR manager

The CSR manager is the person who deals with sustainability issues within the company. His/her objective is to have as positive an impact as possible on the environment and society as a whole.

Payroll manager

The Payroll manager is in charge of the technical and legislative part when the company’s pay slips are issued. He must therefore ensure that everything works and that the company respects the law when issuing pay slips.

Recruitment manager

The job of a recruitment officer in a company aims at selecting interesting profiles for the company, while validating the hiring of new elements.

e-Recruitment project manager

It processes job offers on the Internet and selects the various profiles likely to interest the company.

Recruitment consultant

The recruitment consultant looks for the best profiles for the positions to be filled in his company. He can also look for new clients and develop their loyalty.


It is perhaps one of the most well-known professions in the world of human resources. The objective of the headhunter is to find the best talent for the company, even if they have to be recruited from competitors.

Career manager

The career manager assists employees as they enter, leave or move within the organization. For example, when a transfer occurs, the career manager is responsible for ensuring that everyone’s needs (including the company’s) are met.

Social relations manager

This is the person who represents the company in discussions with the social partners.

Social lawyer

The social lawyer must accompany the company in all legislative questions concerning labor law. In addition, he allows the company to know whether or not it is complying with the law with its employees.

Expatriation manager

As its name indicates, this position deals with employees who have to leave the country for professional reasons, or on the contrary, when they return to France. For example, this is the person who has to take care of the employee’s family.


This function could be translated into French as “to place elsewhere”, and this is exactly what the outplacer does. Indeed, in the event of a professional reclassification, he or she must ensure that the person is well placed in his or her new position. This can also be done at the request of the employee.