How to store carrots?

Comment conserver des carottes ?

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In soup, mashed, grated or in sticks, carrots remain one of the favorite vegetables of the French. It must be said that their slightly sweet taste makes them irresistible. Moreover, they are rich in vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene for an immediate healthy glow! So to make the most of their crunchiness and pretty color, here are several methods of preserving carrots that are always at the top!

How to store carrots in the refrigerator?

To keep your carrots as long as possible, everything depends on the storage conditions! Cooked carrots, raw carrots, organic carrots…. In short, here are all the tips you need to know!

Raw carrots

The storage of raw carrots in the refrigerator depends mainly on how they are presented initially. If you harvested the carrots from the garden or if they are organic, you will need to cut the tops off first. This is because carrots will naturally try to feed their tops, which contributes to spending energy for nothing. The result? They soften too quickly and lose their color. And because they are rich in vitamins and nutrients, carrot tops offer a multitude of recipe possibilities, whether for a carrot top soup, in a broth or in a pesto.

However, with supermarket carrots, you won’t have this problem since the tops are already removed. To store carrots in the refrigerator, first wash them before placing them in a clean cloth or newspaper. This will keep them fresh and crisp for a week in the crisper. The other way to store raw carrots is in an airtight jar. Ideally, cut your carrots into sticks to save space and add a little water before putting them in the fridge!

Cooked carrots

You have prepared carrots for a whole regiment? Don’t panic! There is also a simple way to store cooked carrots. To keep them at their best in the refrigerator, simply place them in an airtight box, preferably glass. Then, you will have to think about eating them in the next few days to avoid losing their flavor.

How to store carrots in the freezer?

If you have a bumper crop or a run on the supermarket, you’re bound to have a surplus to store. Fortunately, carrots can also be stored in the freezer by following a few simple rules. First, slice or grate them. Then, blanch them for 3 minutes in boiling water before plunging them into ice water in a bowl. To dry them, place your carrots on paper towels to limit excess moisture.

Once dry, place the carrot slices on a baking sheet, making sure they are not touching. Place your baking sheet in the freezer for two hours before transferring your carrots to a freezer bag. Although it takes a little organization, this method of storing carrots will allow you to enjoy them for 10-12 months!