How to wash my menstrual panties?

Comment laver ma culotte menstruelle ?

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For some time now, menstrual panties have been popular with women. More and more of us are putting aside our disposable sanitary pads for a more durable protection. Menstrual pants are washable and reusable. Not only are they more comfortable, but they are also more environmentally friendly. One of the most common questions on social media is how to clean your panties.

Washing before the first use

Like all underwear, menstrual panties must be washed before the first use. It is a question of hygiene, because it makes it possible to eliminate the possible dusts or bacteria. To increase the absorption capacity of your menstrual panties, it is essential to wash them twice before the first use. 

Soak your menstrual panties

To make cleaning your menstrual panties easier, it is sometimes advisable to soak them in soapy water so that the blood dissolves. To do this, take a container, or use a sink, pour in warm water and a few shavings of mild soap or detergent and immerse your menstrual panties.

Pre-wash of the menstrual panties

Gently rub the bottom of your menstrual panties with a mild soap or detergent to remove excess blood. This will make it easier to machine wash them later, although menstrual pants can also be washed by hand.

The washing in machine of a menstrual panties

As the fabric is delicate, it is advisable to wash your menstrual panties at 30 degrees and to avoid spinning too hard. Washing too hot and spinning too fast can reduce the absorbency and elasticity of the panties. For this reason, use the wash mode for delicate fabrics. Also use a suitable detergent and possibly an antibacterial product to rid the laundry of germs and bacteria. 

The drying of a menstrual panties

Again, drying too aggressively could damage your menstrual panty. Not only will it become less absorbent, but you risk detaching the elastic from your panties. This is why we advise you not to place your menstrual panties near a source of intense heat such as a radiator, a hair dryer or a towel warmer. To privilege a drying in the open air, inside or outside or a drying in tumble dryer in position “delicate”.

Why not to use greasy soap to clean a menstrual panties?

If we advise to the users to wash their menstrual panties with greasy soap of the type black soap, soap of Marseille or soap of Alep (or any other traditional soap), it is to avoid blocking the pores of the bottom of the panties. Indeed, your panties would be less likely to absorb the flow of your period. Prefer a classic or special detergent for delicate fabrics, or a soft soap. 

Now you know everything about cleaning menstrual pants. As you can see, it’s very simple and it only adds to the list of qualities of this reusable sanitary protection.