How to eliminate cellulite and orange peel skin?

Comment éliminer la cellulite et la peau d’orange ?

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Orange peel skin is the name given to cellulite because it gives an orange peel appearance to the skin where it is found. Cellulite, because of its unsightly appearance, is the bane of many people. As soon as spring arrives, in order to regain your “summer body”, the elimination of cellulite becomes one of the priorities of your sports and aesthetic treatments. 

What is orange peel skin?

Cellulite is a normal physiological phenomenon that develops most often in women (9 out of 10 women). There are several types of cellulite.

What is called orange peel skin is adipose cellulite (also called dimples). It refers to the accumulation of a change in adipose tissue (fatty tissue) that is located just under the epidermis and that will cause a slight sagging of the skin. Dimples are often found on the buttocks, thighs, hips, stomach or arms. It is also called superficial cellulite.

Aqueous cellulite is cellulite that results from water retention. It is linked to problems with blood or lymphatic fluid circulation.

Fibrous cellulite is what is most often called encrusted cellulite. It is deeper and can be painful to the touch. It is difficult to get rid of.

What causes orange peel skin?

The causes of cellulite can be hereditary, physiological or behavioral. They vary according to the type of cellulite that one develops. In general, watery cellulite is due to blood circulation or lymphatic drainage problems. Adipose cellulite, or orange peel skin, is generally due to a sedentary lifestyle and a lack of physical activity. Fibrous cellulite is the result of a lack of exercise, poor diet or obesity.

How to eliminate orange peel skin?

To avoid the appearance of cellulite, you must:

Have a balanced diet: some foods are even known to help fight orange peel skin.

Practice a regular physical activity: one of the best sports to avoid or eliminate orange peel skin is swimming or aquagym. Water stimulates the skin’s tone perfectly, and swimming allows you to gently tone your entire body.

Drink plenty of water and eliminate regularly to avoid the appearance of watery cellulite. Some herbal teas are prepared with plants that stimulate circulation.

Finish your shower with a jet of cold water: to stimulate your blood circulation. After a while, you will notice that your skin is more toned.

Massage yourself regularly with an oil or cream, insisting on the areas where cellulite is encrusted. Gently roll your skin under your fingers to work on the dimples.

Beauty salons offer different types of anti-cellulite treatments and massages.

Finally, as a last resort, it is possible to find solutions adapted to your type of cellulite within the framework of specialized medicine (in case of aqueous cellulite), aesthetic medicine (cryolipolysis for example) or even within the framework of cosmetic surgery (liposuction).