Top 5 best creperies in Paris

Top 5 des meilleures crêperies de Paris

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Crepes or galettes ? Traditional or trendy ? Discover our top 5 best creperies in Paris !

1. Lulu la nantaise – Creperie Restaurant in Paris 10

In the 10th arrondissement of Paris and on the banks of the Canal Saint Martin, Lulu la nantaise is a retro and warm creperie that offers a wide choice of organic buckwheat crepes. Carefully selected producers, IGP Breton flour, whole milk from a Vendée farm, “Prince de Paris” white ham, sulfite-free ciders and respect for the seasonality of products are guaranteed.

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2. Crêperie Blé Noir Auguste – Creperie Restaurant in Paris 04

Located rue Saint-Martin in the 4th district of Paris, near the Halles district and the George Pompidou Center, the Crêperie Blé Noir Auguste is a warm creperie with a 50’s atmosphere offering original and greedy recipes.

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3. Crêperie Blé Noir Hippolyte – Creperie Restaurant in Paris 09

Like the Crêperie Blé Noir Auguste, the Crêperie Blé Noir Hippolyte offers you original and delicious crepe recipes. Located this time in the 9th district of Paris near the Notre Dame de Lorette church, the Crêperie Blé Noir Hippolyte welcomes you in a more retro vintage and industrial setting.

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4. Crêperie Chez Pierrick – Creperie Restaurant in Paris 06

Located not far from the Montparnasse train station in the 6th district of Paris, the Crêperie Chez Pierrick is a family and friendly Breton creperie perfect for a gourmet stop on the terrace.

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5. Crêperie de Saint-Malo – Creperie Restaurant in Paris 14

Still in the heart of the Montparnasse district in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, Crêperie de Saint-Malo is a charming creperie with an authentic setting with its woodwork and exposed stones. An ideal place to spend a pleasant moment in a typically Breton setting around delicious buckwheat crepes and wheat galettes!

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