Top 10 cities to live in France

Top 10 des villes où il fait bon vivre

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Each year, several magazines and organizations specialized in real estate and housing propose to discover a list of cities where it is good to live. These cities are evaluated by their inhabitants on criteria related to the living environment, the cost of living, the weather, safety, work…. However, in 2022, it seems that medium-sized cities are more in the spotlight. Here are the top 10 cities to live in in 2022:


This city of 150,000 inhabitants offers a very pleasant living environment with a medieval historical heritage, culture and green spaces. It is also a very popular place for students to study. The real estate market is very attractive.


Located in the Alps, on the edge of one of the most beautiful lakes in France, this city of 130,000 inhabitants offers an exceptional landscape and natural setting. The city is also developing a very interesting economic fabric that attracts many inhabitants every year.


Located in the Basque Country, on the edge of the Pyrenees, Bayonne is part of a natural and mountainous setting that attracts sports and nature lovers. It is also a warm and friendly city, renowned for its famous festival. With its 50,000 inhabitants, it is the 3rd best city to live in France.

La Rochelle

Located in the Charente-Maritime region, La Rochelle is an attractive city both for its heritage and for its living environment. The inhabitants appreciate its temperate climate, its preserved coastline facing the islands of Oleron, Aix and Ré. For some time now, the city has been developing numerous eco-responsible projects. Real estate prices are very attractive.


If you are looking for a beautiful place to settle in Normandy, the city of Caen is one of the top 5 cities where it is good to live. The richness of its historical and architectural heritage, its exceptional living environment by the sea and its dynamism will seduce many.

Le Mans

Located in the Sarthe, the city of Le Mans offers a very green setting with its beautiful parks. Its historical, cultural and architectural heritage is very interesting. From an economic point of view, it is a city which is becoming more and more dynamic. 


Nice is renowned for being one of the most beautiful cities in France. The Promenade des Anglais facing the Mediterranean Sea, its picturesque neighborhoods and its exceptional living environment are no longer in evidence.


Long ignored for its 1950s architecture, the Breton city of Lorient is now at the top of the list of cities where life is good. Its employment pool, its renovated environment and its cultural dynamism make it a very attractive place to live.


The city of Brest is one of the main economic centers of France and not only for its port area. The activity has diversified a lot, as well as the university field. The real estate market is very interesting for this city full of history in the middle of the wild Breton coasts.


Located in Brittany, the city of Rennes is always at the top of the list of the best cities. The economy offers good employment opportunities and the living environment is pleasant. Rennes is also a city that attracts many students, which brings a lot of youth and dynamism to the city.