How to choose a renovation company in Paris?

Comment choisir son entreprise de rénovation à Paris ?

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You wish to modify, arrange or optimize your space or follow the decoration trends and give a new atmosphere to a room?

There are many reasons to renovate a home and the workload can be significant and become more complex depending on the nature of the work (structural work, masonry, painting, electricity or plumbing…).

The choice of the right renovation company in Paris is therefore essential. How to find the right partner? Will they be able to meet your expectations? Will he/she carry out your work within the given timeframe while respecting the budget initially set?

Renovate, rehabilitate or fit out?

Although they all have the same final objective, i.e. the improvement of a dwelling, the renovation, the rehabilitation or the development of a real estate are quite distinct operations which one should not confuse.


Renovation work consists of refurbishing part or all of a home.

Renovation Objectives:

In France, the realization of renovation work to improve the energy performance of a dwelling can give right to financial aid.


A rehabilitation is a complete restoration of a building without destroying it. Most often, the façade and the architecture of the building are preserved, only the interior is concerned.

The most common rehabilitation works are:

Interior design

The interior design of a house consists in improving the comfort of its inhabitants.

Interior design objectives:

Choose your renovation company in Paris

To help you complete your project and find the best renovation company in Paris, we suggest you follow these tips.

Before contacting a professional, define your project beforehand, whether it is a renovation, a rehabilitation or an interior design, this will allow the professionals to better estimate the work.

According to this information and your needs, you can decide to call an independent craftsman or a specialized company.

Independent craftsman

By calling directly upon independent craftsmen (electricians, plumbers, masons, painters…), you will be responsible for the selection of the craftsmen, the management and the coordination of the various trades and the follow-up of the whole work.

Company specialized in renovation

By entrusting your renovation work to a specialized company, you benefit from a dedicated contact person to manage your renovation project.

Our advice for choosing your renovation company in Paris

There are many renovation companies in Paris, before contacting them it is essential to compare offers and study their work to validate your selection. Check their activity and financial health, the type of offers they propose, their past achievements, their communication tools (website, social networks, advertisements…) and the testimonials and reviews of their customers (Google Reviews, Verified Reviews, Trust Pilot, etc…).