Buying a used car

Achat d’une voiture d’occasion

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Buying a used car online starts with a question of budget. If you can afford it, you should buy your car from the manufacturer’s official dealer, as you may be able to take advantage of trade-in offers. On the other hand, if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll prefer used cars from multi-brand sites. There’s no shortage of bargains!

How to buy a used car?

Professional or private purchase?

Buying a used car from a professional is generally more expensive, but can give you greater peace of mind. The warranty against hidden defects applies to both private and professional sellers. What’s more, the buyer will be protected by a qualified warranty with the help of professionals.

Where’s the best place to buy a used car?

If you’re looking to buy a used car, there are plenty of sites where you can place or search for an ad!, or are today’s leading sites for buying and selling used cars.

What questions to ask when buying a used car?

What documents are required to buy a car?

To buy a used car, the seller must provide three documents: registration, proof of sale and proof of location. If the car is over 4 years old, the seller must also provide a technical inspection report. It’s advisable to obtain additional documents to understand the car’s history, whether you’re buying a used car from a private individual or a dealer.

How to negotiate the purchase of a used car?

After a thorough inspection of the car, it’s time to negotiate the price: don’t hesitate to ask for a discount if you notice any imperfections. If you do it right, you can usually get a good deal. You can also avoid scams and pitfalls when buying your used car by enlisting the help of an expert used car negotiator.

How to pay for a used car?

The buyer has the right to pay for the used car in cash, provided the sale price does not exceed 1,000 euros in the presence of a professional seller. With a private individual, there’s no real limit, but if the amount exceeds 1,500 euros, a written declaration is required.

When buying a used car with a credit card from a dealer, make sure you don’t exceed your bank’s payment limit. Some dealerships allow free payments, with an initial instalment on the day of purchase followed by monthly installments over several months. In this case, you can usually pay by credit card by asking your bank to set a ceiling for future monthly payments.

What to check before buying a used car?

It’s imperative to ensure that a used car meets certain criteria before buying it. The age of the vehicle should not be a problem if it belongs to the first owner. When a car has changed ownership several times, you should ask for recent receipts, check that they come from professionals such as garages or car dealerships, and review all the services mentioned in the maintenance booklet before finalizing the purchase.

What is the bonus for buying a used car?

The prime à la conversion automobile is a financial aid scheme for the purchase of used or new vehicles for professionals and private individuals.

New or used internal combustion vehicles are eligible for a grant of 3,000 euros, while electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid vehicles are eligible for a grant of 5,000 euros if they have a range of more than 50 km in electric mode.

What to do after buying a used car?

How to cancel the purchase of a used car?

There is no right of withdrawal when buying a used car from a private seller. Buying a used car from a private seller means you lose the right of withdrawal.

What recourse is available when buying a used car?

Although the buyer does not benefit from the right of withdrawal, the seller may nevertheless be held liable if certain terms of the contract are not respected: