Who to contact in case of a veterinary emergency in Paris?

Qui contacter en cas d’urgence vétérinaire à Paris ?

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Unusual behaviors of our pets are signals that must be taken into account quickly and that alert us to their poor health.

What behavioral changes require prompt veterinary advice?

A cat in poor health will try to hide and may become aggressive. Sleepiness and refusal to eat normally are also unusual behaviors that require a quick visit to the veterinarian.

If your dog becomes isolated, agitated or aggressive, do not give him food, water or medication and seek urgent veterinary attention.

As soon as unusual behavior (isolation, aggressiveness, hygiene…) is detected in new pets (NAC), isolate the sick animal, wash its cage and consult a veterinarian quickly.

As soon as the first unusual behaviors appear in a bird (jerky breathing, hygiene, refusal to fly, ruffled feathers…) you should not wait to consult a veterinarian.

Veterinary emergencies and home consultations in Paris

Veterinary consultation or emergency, first aid, prevention, care, vaccination, castration, euthanasia are today veterinary interventions that can potentially be taken care of at home by a veterinarian on call in Paris 24/7.

Veterinary clinics and emergencies in Paris