What is the reproduction season for cats?

Quelle est la période de reproduction des chats ?

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Cats are very fascinating animals and having them as pets is a great experience. But before adopting a companion, male or female, it is essential to learn about the different stages of a cat’s life, including the mating season, which will help you understand its behavior.

At what season of the year do cats mate?

Many animals reproduce in the spring. But for cat reproduction, it’s a little different. Female cats, as early as 6 months of age, begin to have heat periods, usually from February to September. These heat periods last a few days (usually 4 to 10 days) and are followed by a rest period (8 to 10 days). These cycles can repeat for a few weeks, stop and start again later. During heat, the cat emits pheromones and meows a lot to attract the male.

How long does it take cats to mate?

Cat mating can last several days if you count all the phases. First of all, the cats turn around and put on a rather violent show. Indeed, the cat is not at all easy, and she shows a lot of aggressiveness towards her suitors. After two or three days, if the male suits the female, she lets him approach her. The coitus phase is particularly painful for the cat. First, because she is bitten in the neck by the male. Then, because the penis of the cat is provided with points whose role is to stimulate the vagina to provoke automatically the ovulation. 

After this mating, the cat may be mated several more times by the same male, or even by other males. Cats can carry cats from different fathers in the same clutch.

How long is the gestation period of a female cat?

The gestation period of a cat lasts between 58 and 70 days. After this period, it is essential to consult a veterinarian. From the second month, the cat seems more tired, she looks for quiet places and eats more. Little by little, her belly becomes rounder. It is possible to detect the arrival of the day of birth in the cat by the behavior of the cat since she becomes nervous and begins to seek a place to give birth. The birth is done in phases of contractions at the end of which a baby will be expelled with its placenta (the placenta will be eaten by the mother). Some cats may have several contraction phases (between 12 and 24 hours apart) when they have been bred several times.

When do kittens become independent?

Kittens become independent as soon as they are weaned. In general, the nursing period lasts between 1 and 2 months. Thereafter, they are brought to vary their food. This is when the kittens start to be weaned and gradually move away from their mother. 

Monitoring your pet cat is very important during the reproduction season. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a veterinary clinic if you notice any abnormal behavior in your pet.