Travelling in Hauts-de-France

Travelling in Hauts-de-France

What to do in Hauts-de-France?

In the north of France, the Hauts-de-France region is a remarkable destination composed of five departments between land and sea: Aisne, Nord, Oise, Pas-de-Calais and Somme.

With 190 km of coastline, from the Somme Bay to the Opal Coast, the Hauts-de-France region is home to a remarkable natural heritage (bocage, marshes, forests and regional parks).

Deeply marked by its history, the region is also distinguished by the traces of the two world wars (Chemin des Dames) and the richness of its architectural heritage (cathedrals of Amiens, Beauvais and Laon, Pierrefonds castle, half-timbered houses of Compiègne, belfry of Douai).

The Hauts-de-France also bears the memory of its industry (textile and mining) and represents the first agricultural region of France. The richness of its gastronomy with its local specialties is a must during your stay.

When to go to Hauts-de-France?

With an oceanic climate, the Hauts-de-France region benefits from low temperature variations, mild winters and cool summers.

Also, if the weather is not perfect all year long, the conviviality is always there during the numerous events organized by the region: the braderie of Lille, the carnival of Dunkerque, the festival Art and Garden of Amiens and many others.

Discover Hauts-de-France by departments

  • Aisne
  • Nord
  • Oise
  • Pas-de-Calais
  • Somme