The 5 best poke bowls of Paris

Top 5 des meilleurs poke bowls de Paris

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The Poke Bowl is a new and increasingly popular healthy meal trend.

1. Hawaiian Poké – Hawaiian restaurant in Paris

The best poke bowls in Paris! The only restaurant offering the authentic recipes of the island!

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2. Canal Poké – Hawaiian restaurant in Paris

Elaborate Hawaiian-Japanese fusion cuisine where fish, vegetables, fruits and garnishes are freshly selected (unlimited choice in compositions).

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3. Pokawa – Hawaiian restaurant in Paris

Pokawa offers a tasty range of poke bowls, made on the spot and at the request of the customers. Each poke bowl can be personalized and adapted to your taste.

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4. Poke Bar – Restaurant Hawaiien Paris et Lyon

Poké Bar Hawaiian specialties in Paris, Neuilly, Levallois and Lyon: ultra fresh poke bowls to compose.

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5. AhiPoké – Hawaiian restaurant in Paris

This small, contemporary space adorned with green plants offers Hawaiian poke bowls made with raw fish (take-out only).

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What is a poke bowl?

Healthy and trendy, the poke bowl is a Hawaiian dish made of cubes of raw fish marinated in a soy sauce-based mixture.