How to choose your real estate agency?

Guide Immobilier : Comment choisir son agence immobilière ?

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The sale of real estate often involves several different parties, including the seller and the buyer (whether for residential or rental purposes). Consequently, the vision of the transaction can be different depending on the position one is in. Thus, the choice of a real estate agency must be made according to the real needs of each one. Let’s find out.

How to choose a real estate agency to sell?

If you wish to sell a property, then the choice of your real estate agency must be thoughtful in order to preserve your interests. Thus, the agency must know how to sell at the best price, in particular by avoiding selling at a price that is too high (risk of devaluation in the long term) or not high enough (dry loss of the property capital). Another important point is that the agency must listen to you, especially regarding your possible special requests.

Beyond the qualitative aspect, you should also consider the real cost of your collaboration. For example, be sure to identify any agency fees or whether the mandate signed is exclusive or not (particularly important if you wish to work with several real estate agencies). Finally, make sure that the agency advertises your property: it would be a shame to lose time for the sale.

How to choose a real estate agency to buy?

For a purchase, it’s another story that starts with the real estate agency! To choose well, it is a little more difficult… Indeed, we often turn to a particular property, and not to an agency. Thus, to buy a property, we generally look at the advertisement sites or the properties for sale by walking in the street (panel, window, advertisement…).

Nevertheless, you can also contact a specific agency and ask them to find the property of your dreams. To do this, you can follow certain criteria:

How to choose a real estate agency to invest?

Finally, you can also look for a real estate agency to invest in. In this case, your criteria will be different. For example, the geographical condition is perhaps not as essential as to buy a property to live: it is quite possible to manage a rental property at the other end of France (or even the world) with the current means.

In short, if you want to invest in rental property, check that the real estate agency offers potentially interesting properties for such an investment. For example, if you notice that a particular agency offers buildings (a set of apartments that can start at 2), then this is a good start. Finally, the agency should be able to help you plan your investment, negotiate the best possible purchase price, but also help you with the profitability of the property.