Which garden table to choose: tips and advice

Quelle table de jardin choisir : Conseils et astuces

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With the arrival of spring, the desire to enjoy the outdoors grows ever stronger. Whether for family meals, aperitifs with friends or relaxing in the sun, the garden table is becoming an essential piece of outdoor furniture.

However, with so many models to choose from, it’s often difficult to make the right choice. How do you select the table that will harmonize perfectly with your space, meet your expectations and reflect your style?

This article aims to help you make the right choice. We’ll look at the importance of material, size and shape criteria adapted to your outdoor space, and give you tips on how to ensure your garden table perfectly matches your needs and style.

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How to choose your garden table?

The choice of material for your garden table determines its appearance, durability, comfort and ease of maintenance. Different materials have their advantages, but also their disadvantages. Let’s discover the main materials available and their specific properties.

Wooden garden table: warm and natural

Wood, a noble material, lends a warm, authentic ambience to your outdoor spaces. Different wood species offer varying degrees of resistance to the elements, insects and fungi.

Depending on the desired effect, wood can be treated for greater durability or left natural to achieve a gray patina over time. Although aesthetically pleasing, wood requires regular maintenance and is more susceptible to scratches and stains. What’s more, its weight can make it less mobile for some.

Metal garden table: durability and modernity

Metal, renowned for its strength and durability, gives your garden table an elegant, modern look. It is available in several variants, including steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Steel, although very resistant, can rust if left unprotected. Stainless steel remains rustproof over time, while aluminum is appreciated for its lightness, although it is susceptible to deformation. Easy to maintain, metal is also UV-resistant, but can become very hot in the sun.

Plastic garden table: easy care and light weight

Resin and plastic, synthetic materials, are distinguished by their wide variety of colors, shapes and textures. Their light weight makes them easy to handle and store, as well as to maintain with a little soapy water.

However, the quality of these materials can vary, so it’s important to check their robustness. Resin, in particular, can be woven for a natural look or molded for a more contemporary finish.

Glass garden table: elegance and transparency

Glass brings a touch of elegance and clarity to your garden, offering unique luminosity and transparency. Compatible with a wide range of substrates, glass is easy to clean with glass cleaner.

Although UV-resistant, its reflections can be dazzling. Thick, tempered glass is recommended for its superior impact resistance and enhanced safety.

How to choose the size of your garden table?

To find the ideal table, take into account the number of people you regularly entertain, as well as the space available around the table.

Allow around 60 cm in width and 40 cm in depth per person, plus 70 cm of free space around the table for good circulation.

For small spaces, a folding or extendable table is practical, as it allows you to adjust the surface area to your needs. On the other hand, a large space lends itself to a large table offering greater comfort and conviviality.

What shape of garden table to choose?

Rectangular, round or square garden table?

The choice of shape for your garden table can influence both the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space.

Rectangular garden tables are classic and widespread, making them ideal for long, narrow aisles that can accommodate a large number of guests.

Round or oval garden tables, which create a convivial atmosphere, fit well into round or square spaces, facilitating conversations.

Square garden tables, with their more modern design, are ideal for small spaces and can be combined to form a large rectangular table.

Extendable or folding garden table

Choose a garden table with features tailored to your needs to optimize space.

Extendable garden tables, with integrated or removable extensions, allow you to adjust the size of the surface to suit the number of guests. They are ideal for everyday entertaining without taking up too much space.

Fully folding garden tables offer an efficient storage solution and are perfect for small spaces or occasional use.

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How to choose the right garden table for your style and needs?

The garden table enriches your outdoor space not only through its functionality, but also as a decorative element. It should complement the style of your garden, in harmony with the colors, materials and accessories that surround it.

It’s also essential to consider how it will be used, whether for family meals, parties or simple relaxation.

Thinking sustainable by opting for garden tables made from eco-responsible materials is an option worth considering.

For an ambience that reflects your personality, the choice of garden table should be in keeping with the aesthetics of your outdoor space:

Specific needs: Family meals, receptions or relaxation?

The choice of your garden table should correspond to your preferred activities:

Eco-responsible wooden garden table and coffee table

For a conscientious purchase, choose garden tables made from sustainable materials:

As you can see, selecting the perfect garden table for your outdoor space requires a great deal of thought. You need to consider many aspects, from the material, size and shape of the table, to the style and atmosphere you want to create in your garden, not forgetting your particular requirements and commitment to ecology.