Framework: Why use Bootstrap?


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Definition: What is Bootstrap?

Originally, Bootstrap is a framework designed and developed by Twitter. Open source (MIT license), Bootstrap is a very popular HTML, CSS, JS library and a very powerful tool to easily build your websites (responsive, typography, buttons, forms, navigation…).

Why use Bootstrap?

  • A gain of time and productivity during your developments;
  • An open source HTML, CSS, JS library (jQuery plugins) in constant evolution;
  • A simple and documented installation (download or cdn);
  • Basic templates ready to use, fully responsive and cross-browser;
  • A multitude of homogeneous components (alerts, breadcrumb, buttons, collapse, dropdowns, forms, modal, navbar, spinners…);
  • A responsive layout grid to facilitate the positioning of your components;
  • A community of users and a very detailed documentation.

Bootstrap, tips and recommendations:

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