What is Palms Web?

Generalist blog, Palms Web shares since 2021; news to inform you, tips and practical advice to facilitate your daily life and guides and analyses for the curious who wish to be informed in the most complete way.

General and varied themes

Palms Web offers, through its sections, a wide range of article topics.

A confirmed expertise

By fostering editorial partnerships, Palms Web benefits from the best expertise on the subjects covered. As such, the editorial team pays particular attention to editorial standards when publishing partner articles. All partner articles are reviewed prior to publication to ensure that they are consistent with the site’s editorial line, that the information they provide is accurate and that the sources they use are reliable.

Palms Web asks its authors to be rigorous in verifying the facts reported in their articles and to include as much information as possible in their articles so as not to obscure important information that could influence the reader’s judgment.

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