DIY, Do-it-yourself & Renovation work

Do It Yourself & DIY Deco

The DIY (Do It Yourself) consists in realizing oneself its decoration or its furniture by following the trend of the recovery and the upcycling.

Indeed, what could be more satisfying than to make your own interior decoration? With a few hours of work, a little patience and a few tricks, it is easy to make and/or customize your own furniture, whether you are an experienced DIYer or not.

Find all our DIY ideas to inspire you and design your spaces.

Renovation works

Want to paint your walls, lay a floor or just call the right service provider?

To renovate your home, redecorate or simply maintain your interior, having DIY skills is a must (doing your own work can also be economical).

But how do you go about it? Which tools to choose? What methods to adopt? Which are the good providers? Find in our guides and articles all the information and advice you need to succeed in your own home projects.